Turbo Boost Your Immune System

Lentin Plus 1000 is a unique functional food from Japan with more than 50 published researches and 60 clinical reports, including studies on actual humans.

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Evidence Based Immunomodulator

Non-toxic arabynoxylan functional food made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom. It has been clinically proven to help powerfully enhance depleted immune systems, making it an ideal food supplement for those with immune systems compromised by diseases and/or toxic treatments.

20 Years Of Clinical Research

Daiwa Pharmaceutical, the manufacturers of Lentin Plus 1000, have invested millions over the past decades, since 1998, to ensure that Lentin Plus 1000 is the very best for your immune system. This is reflected in the high quality of the product and the fact that it is generally chosen by many practitioners and doctors around the world.

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Safe, Natural & Well Tolerated.

Just 1 packet a day to increase your immune system to fight against infections and diseases

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"I Have been researching Immunomodulators for over 30 years now and Biobran is the most powerful Immunomodulator that I have ever tested"

Professor M. Ghoneum — Dept. Of Immunology

Drew University Of Medicine & Science, USA

  • Pauline Chan

    I'm Pauline, a 71-year-old residing in Petaling Jaya. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and initially took Lentin Plus 1000 during treatment, which seemed to improve my condition. In 2012, the cancer returned in a minor stage, leading me to undergo radiation therapy while continuing a six-month course of Lentin Plus 1000. Since then, I've been cancer-free, and as a precaution, I still take Lentin Plus 1000 for maintenance. When feeling tired, I often take up to two sachets, and it significantly boosts my energy levels. Incorporating Lentin Plus 1000 into my routine consistently has been beneficial for my overall well-being.

  • Ms. C

    I'm Ms. C, a music teacher who lives with chronic Hepatitis B. In 2006, my ALT levels suddenly rose, leading to a severe condition. To address the Hepatitis B virus, my doctor prescribed treatment medication. At that time, my brother recommended trying Lentin Plus 1000 for its potential health advantages. For over a decade now, I've consistently taken one sachet of Lentin Plus 1000 daily alongside my prescribed treatment. Since incorporating it into my routine, I've noticed an overall improvement in my health. It seems to have a positive impact on managing my illness, and I'm grateful for the potential benefits it brings to my well-being.

  • Ms. Tan

    In 2018, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a radical hysterectomy. Introduced to Lentin Plus 1000 by my aunt and cousin, I took 3 sachets daily for 6 months, then gradually reduced to maintain my immune system. With the rise of COVID in 2019, I continued with 1 sachet daily for immune support. I shared it with my sister, diagnosed with breast cancer, and she still takes it. Now, I provide Lentin Plus 1000 for my father, dealing with high PSA levels.