Turbo boost your immune system

Lentin Plus 1000 is a unique functional food from Japan with more than 50 published researches and 60 clinical reports, including studies on actual humans.

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Evidence Based Immunomodulator

Non-toxic arabynoxylan functional food made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom. It has been clinically proven to help powerfully enhance depleted immune systems, making it an ideal food supplement for those with immune systems compromised by diseases and/or toxic treatments.

Main Benefits of Lentin Plus 1000

1. Effective for the Immune System

Increase NK cell activities by as much as 300% in just a couple of weeks, whilst T and B cell activity are increased by 200 and 150% respectively.

2. Anti-inflammatory action

Anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant scavenging activity, as well as the ability to improve glucose tolerance, enhance pancreatic and liver function.

3. Easily Absorbed

When taken orally, it is easily assimilated into the body through the normal processes of absorption in the intestines.

4. Non-Toxic

Clinically shown to be completely non-toxic, even in extremely high doses. It is also safe for children and infants (intake scaled down by body weight).

5. Backed by Peer-Reviewed Research

Lentin Plus 100 has (and continues to be) the focus of bona fide scientific and clinical research in Japan, the USA and Europe. Much of this research is published in peer-reviewed journals.

6. Fast Acting

Lentin Plus 1000’s immune enhancing effects kick in in just a few days, and it takes only a few weeks for the immunomodulation effect to reach 90% of its peak.

20 years of Clinical Research

Daiwa Pharmaceutical, the manufacturers of Lentin Plus 1000, have invested millions over the past decades, since 1998, to ensure that Lentin Plus 1000 is the very best for your immune system. This is reflected in the high quality of the product and the fact that it is generally chosen by many practitioners and doctors around the world.

"I have been researching immunomodulators for over 30 years now and Biobran is the most powerful immunomodulator that I have ever tested"

Safe, Natural & Well Tolerated.

Just 1 packet a day to increase your immune system to fight against infections and diseases